leren-kitesurfenBesides a Bed & Breakfast Frank and Free also has a kitesurfingschool. Kitesurfing is a spectacular watersport that has become very popular in a short amount of time. The Netherlands is a good country for kitesurfing; there is plenty of water and often a good wind.

With kitesurfing you are pulled by a large kite in the air, while standing on a board that is about as big as a snowboard. The kite is powered by the wind which allows you to sail across the water fast and make high jumps and do other spectacular tricks.

Kitesurfing is a fantastic sport but you have to know exactly what you are doing and not take irresponsible risks. That is why it’s important that you always take lessons first to learn to deal with the power of the kite when the wind gets hold of it.

Frank and Free is a Watersportsboard certified kiteschool. Frank is a certified kitesurfing instructor and in combination with his training as physical education teacher he is a guarantee for excellent lessons. Lessons are also given in English.

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Of course it is also possible to combine kite lessons with one or more nights in the B & B.